Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Who's The Man?

It took my 4 yr. old to remind me of who's in charge in this world! Yesterday was my day off. As such, I took the chance to make a few repairs at the house. If you know me at all, you know that the very mention of me and repairs in the same sentence could set the universe off course! I am the anti-handyman. But I tried.

We had two doors in our house that had been broken for some time due to some hinge breaking issues. So, blowing the dust off the ol' drill I set out to work. The front closet was fairy simple and was fixed in a few minutes. That simply left the daunting front door! It is an old, solid hunk of wood that was barely opening and closing. So, after many busted attempts, bloody knuckles and bouts of anger, I got it! The door closed just right and all was well!!
Jude had been "helping" by sitting with me and watching, and at times holding the door still. Once complete, I jumped up, playing with him, threw my arms victoriously into the air and shouted "Who's the man?". I was expecting some possible laughter, and maybe a pat on the ol' back.

My son calmly looked at me with a straight face and gave me the answer: "God". Not Daddy, you are the man, but simply "God is the man!" WOW! I looked at him, laughed and gave him a great big hug. "You are right son" I said, "God is the man. He can fix everything". I kissed his head and thanked him for reminding me that.
Our God is amazing isn't he? We sing that our God is alive, and praise him this is true! His word promises that he is in charge of this place and that His Son has overcome this world! Victory is ours, because we belong to Him! My Lord can always "fix" things…he truly is "THE man".

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