Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Waking at 6:30, I feel better than I have in days. A few hours of good sleep does wonders! Today is Sunday, which means more worship with the family here in Uganda….YES!!!!!! Jenna the evangelist invited Petra so we had one more come along to church.

Gas is a problem today (no I do not mean human passing of…though Africa DOES help that!). The riots in Kenya are taking a toll. Fuel comes through there, and there is literally NONBE here in Uganda. What is here is being pumped into Kampala. As such, attendance was low, as many folks could not get into church. Wow….this is Africa! The offering really moved me this morning, as I watched several young church members who even had no shoes walk up to offer their change.

Jeff’s sermon was good, as always. At one point he prayed a very specific prayer for God to reveal himself to all the folks in our lives that needed Him. He prayed that God would bring us people to love and who need Him… that EXACT moment, Peter got a phone call about a friend who was trying to commit suicide and needed help and prayers!!!! Wow……the phone lines to heaven work quicker in Africa! Jeff then shared a very moving and personal story……..Man, I just cannot describe what is happening to me here!

After lunch we went again to the Mountains of the Moon resort for lunch (it is AMAZING!) We finished and walked back to our rooms for the night. I still cannot believe I am here.

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