Thursday, November 13, 2008

Christian Music

For awhile now, I have been quite dissapointed with modern Christian music. While there are exceptions, the vast majority of it seems to be plastic, recycled tunes with different lyrics. No one sounds different at all. Everyone is the same. Nothing seems original...It sounds like Nashville has decided to turn out sappy, and easy formulaic tunes and worship standards, rather than encourage true artistic integrity and creativity. SO I quit listening. Air1 had grown old. But recently I returned to an old favorite. Switchfoot had been the band to hate for awhile after their immense rise to secular fame. But, I've been so turned on by their lead singers' incredible solo efforts, that I started listening again, and I have to say...there is truly some good stuff in there! They have some fantastic lyrics....get out that old stuff again really is pretty good. So I want you to join me in a discussion. I will start with 5, but will add more. I want us to all list some of our favorite Christian cd's and why! Come on...twil be fun!

Here is my 1st 5:

P.O.D. - Satellite. Pictures, Images and Photos
POD- Satellite
If you haven't seen these boys live, you cannot understand... This album set a new standard for bands who were followers of Christ. hard hitting yet melodic, it soared to the top of the charts. It has some fantastic lyrics. Go back and listen is a classic

Jars Of Clay - Good Monsters Pictures, Images and Photos
Jars of Clay
This is one of the best albums of ANY genre from 2007. It is GORGEOUS. Oh My God will cut you to the soul. Work speaks to me in ways a song never has....etc. PLEASE buy it if you don't own it.

about a burning fire Pictures, Images and Photos
Blindside- About a Burning Fire
One of my all-time fave records! The lead singer is unparalleled! The raw passion and energy in this album.....dude, I'm turning it on now.

breathe Pictures, Images and Photos
Switchfoot- Learning to Breathe
Before the sound got all pretty and polished by pro-tools, this was their last record. It is grittier and much better in my opinion. Learning to Breathe is such a beautiful song.

Don Chaffer- What You Don't know
sadly many have never heard this album, or any of Don's fantastic band Waterdeep. This record will change your life. He is a true wordsmith...a lyricist in the mold of a Dylan! The songs here are honest...almost painfully. Find a gray day, a quite place, and go for it!


Josh Harrelson said...

Probably my favorite Christian CD is Pivitplex, King in a Rookery. This CD has such amazing lyrics and unique songs. I am also a big fan of Switchfoot's older stuff :)

tom b. said...

Hmm, I HAVE to get in on this!

The Crucified - The Crucified

Petra - Not of this World

Amy Grant - Lead Me On

Michael W. Smith - Big Picture

Seven Places - Hear Us Say Jesus

tom b. said...

of course we both know ANY list of mine includes P.O.D. and Blindside...just wanted to give a list of important others. BTW, if you haven't heard those old albums I STRONGLY suggest them.

Rals said...

Brian, I am about to blow your freakin' mind. As you are probably aware, you came through a few years before me (though not TOO many!), and so I feel privileged to expose you to a new age of Christian music! I have probably talked about them before,and I realize that not everybody gets into the hard stuff like me. Regardless, here are my top spirit-filled bands!

Sleeping Giant - INCREDIBLE. Their show is truly worship. Probably the most legit dudes on this list.

Norma Jean - Classics of the industry, they've released 4 albums, all different from each other. On their first album, frontman Josh Scogin screams (from Jesus' perspective), "I did this for you! Not for your religion, not for your patterns! I DID THIS FOR YOU!"

Underoath - Also giants in the metalcore scene. Their latest album, Lost In The Sound Of Seperation, is simply magic.

Once Nothing - Not as epic and melodic as NJ or UO, but incorporate lots of Southern-y breakdowns and vocals.

Life In Your Way - Absolutely glorious music. Call it melodic hardcore. Their song 'Salty Grave' includes an AWESOME variation of this church song: 'let it be a sweet, sweet sound in your ear!'Their live show was one of the most awesome Holy Spirit experiences I've ever had.

August Burns Red - Music is not for the faint of heart. Neither are their lyrics.

Sophia - A local band from Belmont University, and they're absolutely great. They may be the easiest to like for a not-so-hardcore guy like yourself.

Not-so-hardcore Stuff
The Glorious Unseen - The worship band at my church, The Anchor. They write all their own stuff and are just incredible.

As Cities Burn - Possibly my all-time favorite band. Boasting an incredibly passionate live show, I've been known to weep during their shows.

Mr. Pannell, I believe you have inspired a blog post of my own. Also, all of these bands can be found on myspace and iTunes!

mccoolio said...

hey Brian,
Raleigh's dad here.Commenting mainly on your favorite POD and Blindside CD's.Satellite IS great.My favorites are Anything Right, Masterpiece Conspiracy and Portrait.I also really like POD's first three: Snuff the Punk, Brown and Fundamental Elements of Southtown.Testify is also pretty darn good but their last two seem to have slipped a little. My favorite Blindside cd is Silence which is a little heavier than About a Burning Fire. Prob one of my top 5 songs forever, period is on that one: Cute Boring Love. Their "A Thought crossed my Mind", the one before Silence is pretty chaotic, kind of screamo-ish but there's two on there that are really good: King of the Closet (sweet lyrics: I'm a vampire,I'm a vampire, I'm afraid that the Light will set me afire),and Act(shift into a higher gear, and put a brick on the gas, what I left behind, I won't waste a tear, my rearview mirror's got broken glass-YEAH)

spell-for-ireland said...

Well, I know some lesser known great singers/bands, but they're not metal/screamo. Krystal Meyers, for one, or JJ Heller. Fireflight released a new song - Forever, and Barlowgirl - Beautiful Ending. Hawk Nelson is a great band too - I especially love their song "Zero" when I'm in the mood. Phil Wickham is definitely a "soft" singer, but his songs are amazing - True Love just took my breath away.