Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tales of the Strong Armed King of Denver

I hope my friend Mr. McCool still reads this, as he may like it, seeing as how he, being the hometown nashvegas, commodore cheering fool he is...was likely a fan MUCH earlier than we were!

My son LOVES football..is is crazy really. He has all kinds of favorites but his most fave team is the Denver Broncos. His favorite athlete alive is Jay Cutler (he even has a Webkin toy named after him). See below:
Jay Cutler Pictures, Images and Photos

Anyway....at night every evening as I tuck him in, he asks me to regale him with a "Jay Cutler Story". It has become quite fun. Sometimes they are silly fantasy tales of the strong armed King of Denver fighting mystical creatures. Last night Jay fought 3 angry panthers (Jude usually requests the themes). He's informed me that next I will be telling one of Jay versus the friendly Patriots.......

So if you ever need a good story...give me a call :) Go Broncos!

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