Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Letter to the President

I have read many fake letters today to Obama. Some were good, others were totally absurd. So, I thought I'd take a shot. I took some from all of them, added my own words and here we go:

Dear President Obama,
I congratulate you on a victory in a fight between two good men. I pledge that I for one will be praying for you. Your speech was amazing and historic last night. I pray you hold true to what you said. I am grateful that you truly seem to believe in hope and change for the better, and I believe you can draw the best out of us as a country to be a part of this. I pray that we will now stop the lip-service and commence the action. It is up to we the people to be the change that you speak of, so please inspire us to do so. I believe you are a very smart man. I may not agree on some things with you, but still think you are admirable. I admire how you resist the quick and easy answer to complex problems. I respect many of your positions. I also respect the way you seem to truly love your family deeply. While I understand that you believe your plan may actually reduce abortion rates in America (and I believe it just may), I can never agree with you on the stance of pro-choice. I believe in life, and think you do too, so I continue to pray that the only one who will ever make a difference in this area, our shared Father in heaven will take action when He is ready. I admire how you care for the weak and defenseless, and the downtrodden and defeated. Please lead us in an energy revolution like you promise. Help us break our addiction to oil and treat this beautiful creation of God with a deserved respect. Bring our boys home from that war, but please do so slowly and with much prayer and intelligence. We need you to lead. You have spoken often of a better way. Now, please please show it to us. I would never want your position or power. I cannot imagine the stresses it brings. We pray for you and your family. We pray for your safety and health. We pray that you look to God for guidance. Thank you for championing hope…now please bring it to us!

May God Bless You-
Brian Pannell
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Raleigh said...

They'd string you up if they read this in Tennessee! (Yes, for the simple fact that you're praying for him. Oh boy...)

PS: I liked it.

Kristi said...

Well said, Brian.

db said...


Lori Ann said...

Nicely stated.