Monday, November 24, 2008

Christmas Movies

Whether it is my own struggles with truly giving my worries to the Lord, or just general weariness, I still do not feel like getting very deep or theological on here. So instead,let's discuss something very shallow: holiday movies. What are the best Christmas movies???? While the classics are great, modern cinema has given a few gems are 5 faves

5-It's a Wonderful Life-
wonderful life Pictures, Images and Photos
Call it cliche, or predictable, but I have loved this since I was a kid. There are so many lessons in this...and one life truly can make a difference!

Scrooged Pictures, Images and Photos
A spoof on the Dickens classic, Murray rules at the protagonist you love to hate!

3-A Christmas Story-
A Christmas Story Pictures, Images and Photos
Yes...another predictable one, but I cannot help it, this warms my heart and makes me laugh!

2- Elf-
Elf Movie Poster Pictures, Images and Photos
Modern classic!!!!!!!!!! I love Buddy the Elf. Behindthe goofy laughs, there is actually a sweet story.

1-Christmas Vacation-
Christmas Vacation Pictures, Images and Photos
One of the funniest movies ever! I can almost quote the whole thing. No Pannell Christmas is complete without at least 1 viewing.

Honorable mention:
Polar Express
Muppet Christmas Carol
Die Hard

Tell me what you think!


tom b. said...

What about Bad Santa ;)

tom b. said...

always preferred Miracle on 34th St. to A Wonderful Life. But thats just me...

Brian Pannell said...

Inever really got into 34th..whata Grinch huh?

I thought about Bad Santa lol!

I liked Jim Carreys Grinch too

tom b. said...

Oh yeah,
I forgot a couple...
Mickey's Christmas Carol
Muppett's Christmas Carol
Nightmare Before Christmas
to name a few.

mccoolio said...

You about have all our favorites.

Tim Allen's The Santa Clause is always watchable when it shows up on TV.

For the melancholy boomers:A Charlie Brown Christmas

Better than watching the Poison Ivy Bowl: Arnold's Jingle all the Way.

tom b. said...

I was just reminded on one more...
Ernest Saves Christmas.