Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mexico Mission 2010 Day 1-Friday March 19

We took off today for our grand adventure. It will be a new experience, with a new crew, a new van and a new departure day. We chose to leave a day earlier than years past in order to relax a little more than normal, and to play a little as well.
We left the house around 9:00 but due to errands, and some backtracking for a forgotten DVD player, we didn’t hit the interstate until shortly after 10:00. The van this year was Kenzie, Lyndee and Emmalee (aka CO Girls), and the usuals: Jude, me, and Lora. We were not traveling in a pack this year, so we were free to take our time.
It was a great ride. We laughed and played. We played many many rounds of “Ipod Wars”….a shuffle game. Jude was the landslide winner. I heard much more country than I’ll ever need ☺. Most of my tunes fell on deaf ears, and Kenzie surprised us all with her vast library f death metal.
For lunch we hit In n Out….a MUST DO when in the golden state. SO GOOD………..
I am really enjoying this group. Been a pleasure to be with the girls. They are amazing girls. Lyndee is the sweet soul I’ve always known. Kenzie is a quiet and loving person…looking forward to knowing her better. Emmalee is a so fun and easy to get along with…looking forward to getting to know her too. Laura has hit it off well with them, like I knew she would and Jude is just great kid.
We made it to the hotel just after 9:30 pm. We met up with friends, stretched and hit the sack for a big day. Tomorrow we will play as we prepare ourselves for a big day of traveling and beginning our efforts for the Lord!

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