Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mexico Mission 2010- Day 7 Thursday March 25

Play day has arrived! For the 1st year ever, both houses are TOTALLY finished! All we have to do is take a group picture at both and “dedicate” the other one. Then, we are free to play!

What a fun day. It was great weather as we chilled on the beach. We played and relaxed. We ate hotdogs together watching the Sea of Cortez roll in and out. It was just about perfect. Once the wind got to be a little too much, we decided it was time to head into town.

It was fun. We bought all kinds of stuff that we did not need, and had fun as we enjoyed the new culture. Jude was especially good today. He is a good boy. He made sure that he bought gifts for his family and friends before getting himself anything. We had DSB bracelets (our theme for the week in our van) made for our crew, with reach one made on that person’s school colors! We were excited to surprise the gals with those!

We ate fish tacos and drank Pina Colodas in a tiny little restaurant. They were great. We also drank way too many Cokes…but there are just SO good in Mexico….REAL SUGAR!

That night we went back to camp for our last dinner and night together in the wonderful country of Mexico. It was special. Jude pulled me aside that night. It was a touching moment. I could tell he was sad and melancholy. He expressed sadness. “I don’t want to leave dad. I made so many new friends. I love everyone here”. I tear up even as I type this. He was SO upset. I will always love this about him the most. His is such a sensitive and sweet boy. I pray that God never takes that from him. May he never be hardened by our cruel world! I appeased him and he asked to sleep with me again. I cherish these moments, as I know that in a no time at all they will be gone. I too felt pretty melancholy.

That night we let the teens stay up and spend bonding time. Terry and I sat around the fire in the shadows and watched the kids interact. It is SO entertaining really. The flirting and dynamics taking place are so great to watch some 20 years removed from it all. We can easily see every nuance and piece of drama from our experienced adult perspectives. The smooth moves and acts they think are so subtle are so glaringly obvious. But it is beautiful to watch, and remember how it felt at 17. I am blessed with some GREAT teens! I love them all….only adding to the sad feelings.

The week went so fast………thank you again lord for this blessing. I pray I was a good leader and helped teach your truths through everything this week! I am tired and weary….and ready to head towards the green grandeur of Oregon ………

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