Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mexico Mission 2010- Days 8 & 9, Friday and Saturday March 26 and 27

Well……the time has come to head back to America. It is bittersweet. It has been a GREAT week, but man home is calling! So around 7:00 am we loaded up and hit the highway. It was an easy drive and went pretty smooth. We got stopped again at the military checkpoint. The soldier was much friendlier than usual. He was hitting on the girls and kept complimenting there eyes.

After a LONG line to cross the border, we found ourselves on American soil. We stopped with most of the rest of the group at Sonic for some grub. Did I mention that I had a kid hanging out the window as we drove to the border guard puking her poor lungs out???? Pretty awesome! The rest of the afternoon was spent trekking along I-10 to I-5 where we experienced some really crappy LA traffic. Why people choose to live in that stink hole I will never ever understand. But eventually, we made it quite road weary to the Comfort Suites and crashed. We watched the Duke game and cheered for our local boy, then got some In n Out Takeout before crashing.

Saturday was spent at Magic Mountain, a rockin’ cool theme park! When I say we spent all day…we literally spent all day! EXHAUSTING. I got to actually ride a few coasters this year which was cool. The rest of the day was spent with Jude on Kiddie Land and riding the Pirate Ship and swings over and over! I have a GREAT video I will soon post of Jude’s best friend Joey on the ship. It is AMAZING. It was a really fun, but unreal tiring day. We ended up that night with a final run to In n Out and crashed for the ride home.

The next day we hit the Interstate early. We made it to Sacramento in great time despite an unreal CHP presence. It was time to drop off the girls.  It was VERY sad, and much harder than I ever imagined! Jude was on the verge of exploding into tears. It broke my heart. I really love those kiddos. And am, glad to have shared such a cool experience!

We trudged along for what seemed forever and finally made it home at about 6:15 PM! My girls!!!!!! Oh how I love and missed them!

What a week…..many wonderful memories. 2500 miles, a season of glee and many Ipod songs later, I still feel emotionally drained and miss it already, but real life calls, and I have a family to take care of. I hope you enjoyed this simple cliff note version of our trip!

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Kyle said...

I want to thank all of you for what you did here in San Felipe. I just came across your blog. I wish that I would have had a chance to meet all of you while you were here.

San Felipe has been hit so hard by the economy. Tourism is down 85% and unemployment is over 50%. When people like you come down and do what you did, it not only gives a family hope but it gives hope back to a community.

We are starting more programs to empower the community and make it more self-supporting and self-sustaining and people get so much encouragement when they see or hear about what you have done.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.

Kyle Crawford