Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mexico Mission 2010 Day 2- Saturday March 20

Today we slept in a little at our hotel just North of LA. We had a delightful; stale continental breakfast and got ready for the day. At the hotel it was PERFECT! By 9:00 the sun was blazing and it was clear and warm. So it seemed the day would be perfect for some play time! So, we headed to the world famous Santa Monica Pier. It was a blast. As we headed into town to find the parking lot, with Journey blaring on “Special K’s” stereo, the sun was still burning high in the Cali sky. We parked and headed to the beach. It was not too full, and perfect for the conquering!

We played a mean game of horribly sloppy and ruleless volleyball. It was about 12 on 12, and somehow incredibly fun. Many laughs were had and some sand was eaten! Without us really noticing a strange blend of fog and smog had rolled in and pretty soon you could barely see the mighty pacific, much less the buildings just across the street. The famous view of the Boardwalk disappeared. It was weird. So…it w3as foggy and cool the rest of the day .

We still managed to have some fun. We had a great lunch at some pizza dive outside the pier. Jude managed to wrangle the first of many frivolous purchases out of me, getting himself some knock off Kobe Bryant uniform. We decided against the Farris Wheel ride (a decision I already regret) and walked around awhile. We had some churros and Icees, and just had fun. As we were leaving a little Hispanic boy was lost and running around the huge crowd by himself. It was a little scary, and luckily Wyatt noticed him. I caught up to him and we managed to find his parents. It gave me the perfect opportunity to use the line “What, I’ve found a baby before”….so that pretty much sealed the day as perfect! Classic!

We left there early afternoon and headed to the hotel in Banning to meet the rest of the crew who’d been traveling all day. It was slow going as LA traffic seems to not know it was a weekend. But, we did get to catch a glimpse of the Hollywood sign much to Kenzie’s sheer delight! Eventually we got to the hotel and checked in. the rest of the night was spent making new acquaintances, playing, flirting and eating dinner at Chili’s. Tomorrow…..the REAL adventure begins!

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