Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mexico Mission 2010- Day 6 Wedensday March 24

If all goes well….today will be the day we finish the house! I cannot describe how great the week is going. Time is flying by. I REALLY REALLY miss m y girls, but I am not ready for this to be over. This year is affecting me differently. I feel emotionally attached to everything much more than usual.

Today went great. We cleaned the floors and get everything ready. We started putting up the trusses. It is amazing how cool this is. It really brings the final clear realization that this is a livable and comfortable space for some of God’s creation! They went up with only a few minor hitches. Once up…we can begin to fly. With so many teens on the crew, we adults mostly just watched as they whizzed away. The roof plywood went up efficiently as the 15 or so kids hammered away on the roof (OSHA safety guidelines followed of course ).

After lunch we got the roofing. It was green and black. It was shingling rather than the usual roll roofing. The rolls go on MUCH quicker so were a little bummed. But once we saw how wonderful it looked, we were glad! It was gorgeous! The rest of the day we cut out and nailed on the flashing and the gables. We also painted the exterior of the home. Next we painted and installed the trim around the doors and windows, and made a nice little walkway for the front door with the rock we had left over from mixing our won concrete.

By days end, the house was completely finished!!!! It was truly gorgeous! I cannot believe how good it looked. It is a proud moment……we did that in the name of Jesus Christ! WOW

That night we celebrated, played guitar and sang, worshipped, and enjoyed the day. The night was finished with Jude falling asleep in my tiny single bunk and snuggling the night away with me. It was fantastic.


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