Friday, March 5, 2010

This Perfect Moment

The day was spent packing, finishing projects in the office and tying up loose ends. The 3 hr drive came after school ended, complete with crying babies and whiny kids. The van did it's job. Exhaustion seemed inevitable. But now......let me tell you about his moment:

I’m sitting on a porch under a dimly moonlit sky, Pinot in hand, listening to the tide roll in on the great Pacific Ocean……the children are tucked in after a night of dinner and laughs. It is quiet. The air is crisp, cold and electric. Life is good. I LOVE living in Oregon.

Now you want the REAL version? We spent the ENTIRE night (literally, all night) awake worried about our youngest daughter who has suddenly developed a thick nasty cough, complete with mucus that disables her ability to breathe. So back and forth we she ok? Pneumonia? Croop? Should we find a hospital?

What I forgot to mention was the fact that her big brother decided it was the night he'd get the stomach bug his sisters previously had. So he and I spent the evening covered in youth puke.....oh so delightful! :) Oh...did I tell you the van brokedown when we got here too? :)

Ahhhhhhhhh...the American vacation weekend. There is simply nothing else to say

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