Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mexico Mission 2010 day 4- Monday March 22

Bright and early we were brutally awakened by the “singing” voice of our fearless leader Grant Newton singing “ARISE! ARISE!”. It was a little too early, but we all managed to roll out of bed and throw on some work clothes and crawl our way to the mess hall. After a nice meal and a short devotional thought challenging us to look for God in unexpected places this week, we were given our work assignments for the week. The girls and I were placed on “House 2” with Gabe and Bud Rennels in charge. The crew is really unfair as it is stacked with teen boys and adults all vets in Mexico house building. It should be a stellar week! Jude was assigned with the other kiddos to build trusses with Russ. I will be interested to see how he does this year!

We set off in a trailer, a Suburban and Special K to the site. It was a REALLY nice location away from the usual slums, across from the naval base and with no room limitations like usual. The site had even been dug out and leveled already! This alone should save us an hour or two!

We quickly got to work building the forms for the concrete floor and foundation. It went pretty quickly. We made QUICK time! The girls were quick to jump in and work, with Lyndee manning a heavy wheel barrel with Jed all day! We would have actually finished pouring the entire floor before lunch (an unheard of task) had we not been forced to wait for the elusive missing concrete bags we needed! So…..as is usually the case, we WAITED AND WAITED! Just before lunch Grant showed up…but with just 10 bags…some 25 short of what we needed!

We took of for lunch, with an unfinished floor. After lunch we were ready to get it rolling! But….STILL no bags. We literally waited for almost two hours. But when it showed up we went for it! Shoveling, heavy lifting, toweling etc…….by the end of the afternoon we had a beautifully finished foundation and floor with cornerstones anchored, ready for the walls to start going up tomorrow. We even started the first few rows of the walls. Despite waiting we were making better time than ever! Jude came back after lunch. He was in a rough mood, tired from the lack of sleep the last few days. He spent much of the afternoon whining and watching Harry Potter in Bud’s vehicle. He did get an exciting trip to the Policia Estacion though, when Uncle Bud failed to ALTO at a stop!  He did a GREAT job working t0day according to Russ. He loved it, and was excited about it, but said it got too loud for him with all the saws and hammering.

We headed home after 5 and hit the showers. Dinner was delicious, the evening devotional was great and again much basketball, taking and innocent flirting occurred. It is a GREAT vibe this year. Everyone is happy and peaceful…….and God is good! Cannot wait to see what tomorrow has in store!

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