Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mexico Mission 2010- Day 5 Tuesday March 23

Day Two of building the house! It is always exciting on this day! From nothingness we watch as the walls grow and grow and in the blink of an eye, the controlled chaos begins to take form and we see that a house is being built, and God is building it through our hands! It is an exciting thing to be a part of!

Today was no different. This year was awesome. These walls were without a doubt the best I have ever been a part of. The team took extra effort to level each brick and keep them on the guide strings. I have NEVER seen walls so straight and flush. They were beautiful! I love this work. It is one area here where I feel like I TRULY have a grasp on it, and can do it pretty well. I had the pleasure of taking two “rookies” to be part of my wall crew and teaching them today. Jillian and Josh were their names. They were great students. They listened well, and took everything I told them seriously. Before too long I was very confident in their abilities, enough so that I was bale to leave them to finish several layers alone as I helped other teams build cornerstones and stretch the guide wires. It was awesome!

Around 12:30 my stomach reminded me that I was quite hungry and that we were late for lunch/. I found out why….the family we were building for were going to give away a HUGE gift to us! They had their entire church coming over to cook and serve us lunch, but were running late. So we kept n working! We even got to experience a rarity in San Felipe…a small rain storm! We pushed through and really made great progress. Around 2:00 lunch began and it was AMAZING! I seriously cannot describe how delicious it was. They set up tables with radishes, and limes. Then we went through the line………WOW. It began with a bowel of soup. It was a broth with what looked like Hot Dogs (Perros caliente ) and some strange mystery meat (last night we all were fed Stingray unknowingly in a soup …it was quite good). The main course was the big one! CARNE ASADA! My personal fave Mexican food…..only I have never had it like this before. The taste and general deliciousness was UNREAL! They were SO good! They stuffed each of us with 4 giant homemade tortillas filled with meat, and handmade salsa, pico de gallo and guacamole. After squeezing a lime on, it was literally the best carne I have ever tasted. It was awesome. And I was SO moved that they provided this for us, undoubtedly setting them back quite a bit financially. It was moving that their church, total strangers outside of the blood of Jesus, came to serve us. They refused to feed themselves or their families until each of us were full. Amazing!

It was hard to resist the urge for a siesta after such a feast, but we got back to work. It was a fun time as we watched the structure continue to take form. By the days end, we had all the widow and door frames set (despite having to start several of them over a few times due to some miscalculations), the anchor bolts set for the trusses, and the walls fully completed. We were making very good time and the place was truly beginning to look lovely.

The night was spent with a great lesson by Scott Kelley, and more fun around the campfire and basketball. The CO Crew taught us a GREAT game called Ninja! Somehow, I had never heard of it nor had my teens….EPIC FAIL as a youth minister! It was so addictive that I let us all stay up an hour late to play. And despite ripping off half a toe nail during game play…..it was fantastic! We hit the sack ready for another great day!

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